Places For Best Bar Harbor Seafood

Bar Harbor seafood is part of their heritage, offering authentic all-natural seafood specialties fresh from the pristine, cold waters of the North Atlantic. The seafood comprises of mussel, fish, clams and lobsters, and prepared by using all-natural ingredients, pure and simple. You can taste the difference at the Bar Harbor seafood restaurants.

Here are some well known places for best Bar Harbor seafood:

Thurston's Lobster Pound
Those who love lobster can relish it at its freshest at this joint while taking in the spectacular views of Bass Harbor's working fleet. It is well worth the trip to the quieter side of Mount Desert Island to enjoy delicious Bar Harbor seafood.

West Street Cafe
Another famous place for Bar Harbor seafood, one definitely gets the best value here. Fried fish and lobsters are very popular. Great service and nice sized portions along with bar as well as tasty and fresh salad, desserts, one can enjoy the whole meal her with the family.

Another of the famous Bar Harbor seafood restaurants, the mussels are perfectly cooked, Filet Mignon in sweet white sauce is also excellent. The staff is welcoming and friendly with good service. The dishes sure have great potential and the food is beautifully plated with fresh seafood as well as the ingredients.

Fish House Grill
Another much loved place for best Bar Harbor seafood, one can get hot delicious food on their tables in no time. The view of the harbor is great as you gorge on crab cakes or wrapped scallops in maple syrup sauce or fresh mussels in garlic and wine sauce. The beer selection is good.


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